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Our corporate training expertise comes from more than 25 years of experience in Malaysia and the region. 
A wide range of corporate rhythm programs are available to suit your event, whether it be for
entertainment (dinners, family days), teambuilding (weekend programs, conferences),
or organizational development (seminars, meetings, training programs).
Experience how the power of rhythm works to synchronize your staff
and develop likemindedness throughout your organization.
Highly recommended for change management, realignment,
stress-busting, creative thinking, leadership development
and problem solving.





Enliven your community event with a drum circle to get everyone engaged and participating.
We provide rhythm-based events for festivals, exhibitions, conferences and parties.
No matter the size of your group, we've got drums for everybody.
Turn your group into a performance-level percussion ensemble in just one hour.
Drumming together helps promote a sense of cohesiveness, fellowship, and communion.



Health & Wellness


Current research has shown that group drumming alleviates stress,
strengthens the immune system, and enables motor skills.
Our Rhythm Exercise activities have brought smiles to people with Parkinson's,
children with special needs, students with learning disbilities, and kids living together in group homes.
Experience the health benefits of drumming together.  Charitable organizations receive these programs free of charge.



Music Education


Rhythm is brain food.
Kids that hear and respond to a steady rhythm can often read better and think more clearly.
Studies at the Krarolinska Institute in Stockholm have also shown that people who can keep a steady beat
are also more likely to score higher on intelligence tests.
Musical studies open the pathways to creative thinking, collaboration and listening.
Our school rhythm programs are designed to help kids listen, focus and express themselves.
Sessions include drum ensembles, rhythm play, leadership activities, and Expressive Rhythm Stories.



Drum Circle Facilitator Training

John J Hagedorn DCFT

Learning to facilitate drum circles develops your skills in leadership, listening, musicality, and mindfulness.
Graduates from drum circle training programs have taken their skills everywhere,
 from kindergarten music classes to corporate development and teambuilding.
A new world of rhythmic opportunity and reward opens up.
John is certified to deliver Village Music Circle's 3-day Weekend Playshop,
the original drum circle facilitator training program designed by Arthur Hull.
Training programs are regularly scheduled to run in various locations throughout Southeast Asia.
Watch this page or follow us on Facebook  to find a training near you!


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